Importing Content into Guru

Roles: Authors, Admins

The power of Guru is the content, which your team can access quickly so that they can efficiently perform their tasks and respond to customers. Our content migration options make the process of adding your content even faster so your team can experience the benefits of Guru all the sooner.

How to Migrate Content into Guru

Guru offers the following migration options:

  • Confluence Migration Tool
    • Using our automated tool, you will have the ability to export, review, and then load your content into your Guru account. To utilize this feature navigate to the team screen in the web app ( Click the 'Collections' Tab, then click the settings wheel in the top right hand corner of the chosen Collection for import. Then select Confluence under 'Import Content from Existing Source', directly under 'App Integrations'. Follow the instructions listed to export your Confluence pages and migrate them into Guru.
  • Google Sites Migration Tool
    • Access our automated Google Sites importer to add your Google Sites information directly into Guru. This system is currently not available in the product, but if you contact us we can complete the process on your behalf.
  • Stay tuned for additional formats/doc management systems we'll be supporting!
  • Guru's API
    • Leverage our JSON based RESTful API to import your existing content into Guru. Reach out to us for the API docs and authentication information. When importing existing content it's important to update the information in advance, or upon its arrival in Guru so your team can trust the knowledge in Guru.
  • Guru Migrator Utility
    • Load your content into a Google Sheet, that Guru's migration tool can consume and upload into your account. In order to utilize this tool we recommend being proficient in markdown, as it does not offer the formatting help available in the web app. Contact us for a copy of the sheet.
  • Customer Success
    • Take advantage of our designated Customer Success Team's support in the setup, implementation and rollout of Guru via our Pro Edition. Prior to sharing information with the Customer Success team, content should be updated and structured as you would like it in the account; this allows them to expediently upload your content and assist your team. Contact us and Sales can help you work through this process.