Adding a Tag to a Card

Roles: Authors

Tags help your team perform fast, streamlined searches to pinpoint specific knowledge. Read on to learn three ways of adding Tags to Cards.

How to Add a Tag to a Card

When Creating a Card:

  1. Enter your content, designate the Collection, and choose a verifier, verification timeline, and share status. Click Next.
  2. Click in the 'Enter Tags' field.
  • If this is your first Tag, enter your desired Tag name and click 'You have no Tags. Create First?' To save the Tag click 'Save' on the next screen. To redo the Tag, click 'Cancel'.

  • If you want to add an existing Tag to the Card, scroll or begin typing the Tag name. Tags in the Collection you previously selected will surface. When the one you want is selected, press enter or click it to add it to the Card.

  • If you'd like to create a new Tag and add it to the Card, type the desired name and click 'Tag not found. Create New?'. Click 'Save', or to redo the Tag, click 'Cancel'.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 3.12.21 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 3.12.45 PM.png

  1. Repeat the previous steps until your desired Tags are added to the Card. To remove a Tag, click the 'x' on the appropriate Tag.
  • Every team and use case is different, so choose the tagging structure that best suits your needs. We've found that the quickest, easiest search experience results from no more than 4 Tags per Card. You can find more on best practices around Tags here.
  1. When you've finished adding, click 'Save'.

When Editing a Card:

  1. Open the appropriate Card.
  2. Click the ellipsis on the left side of the Card and select 'Tags'.
  3. Click in the 'Enter Tags' field
  • If your desired Tag already exists, scroll to find it or begin typing it and select it from the surfaced options.
  • If you'd like to create a new Tag, enter the name and select 'Tag not found. Create New?'. Click 'Save'.

In Card Manager:

  • Card Manager can be especially helpful to Authors when adding Tags to multiple Cards at once.
  1. Navigate to the web app ( and select 'Card Manager' from the left navigation bar.
    • You can create Tags directly on a Card, here in Card Manager, or in Tag Manager.
  2. Choose the Card(s) you wish to tag by clicking the square checkbox next to each Card title. You can filter in the Card Manager to easily sort through your content and find the Cards you would like to Tag. You can only bulk Tag Cards by Collection, so we recommend including the Collection as a filter.
  3. Click the 'Tag' icon in the top bulk actions area.
  4. Depending on the action you'd like to take, select 'Add tag(s)' or 'Remove tag(s)'.
  5. Click in 'enter tags' and begin typing the Tag name you want to add or remove, or scroll to find it among the Tags that exist in the same Collection as the Cards to which you have selected. If you are creating a new Tag, type into 'enter tags' and confirm the action.
    • As a note, Cards and Tags are Collection-specific, meaning they exist in only one Collection. Repeat this step if you'd like to add or remove multiple Tags.
  6. Press 'Save'.