Adding a Card to a Board/Section

Roles: Authors

Boards allow you to visually organize your Cards. Add Cards to your Boards to easily track the content you've created by topic and create a curated experience for your team.

4 Ways to Add Cards to a Board

  1. When editing a Board in Guru's web app (, add Cards to the Board by using the search bar on the right side to find Cards and then dragging them onto the Board. To drag multiple Cards at once, simply select the Cards you would like and then drag just as you did with one Card. As a note, only Cards that are located in the Collection you're working in will surface for you to select and add to a Board.
    • The Cards will not be added to the Board until the blue position indicator line appears.
  2. To create a net new Card and add it automatically to the Board click 'Add New Card', when you click Save this Card will be added to Guru, the Board, and the Collection in which the Board lives.
  3. Add Cards to a Board in bulk by using the Card Manager. From Guru's web app, choose 'Card Manager' from the left navigation bar. Select the Cards you would like add to the Board. Only Cards in one Collection can be added to a Board; Guru indicates and disables actions when you've chosen Cards from multiple Collections. Once the Cards are selected, click on the Board icon. Next, choose the Board to which you would like to bulk add the selected Cards. Finally, click 'Save' to complete the bulk addition of Cards.
  4. You can edit an individual Card's Boards by clicking the ellipsis on the Card and selecting Boards. There you can add it to other Boards, within the Collection, by typing the name of the Board and pressing enter. You can also remove the Card from a Board by clicking the 'x' on a Board name.

How to Add a Card to a Section

  1. Once a Section is created, simply drag Cards either from the Board or search area into the Section.
    • The Cards will not be added to the Section until the blue position indicator line appears.