Utilizing the Editor Help Guide

Roles: Author

If you are struggling with styling and formatting your content in the editor, the Help Guide will provide you with some shortcuts and tips to make your content creation experience easier!

How to Access the Help Guide:

  1. If you hover over the question mark icon on the Toolbar of the Editor, you will see “Toggle Help Guide.” Click this icon to open the help guide, or toggle it on your keyboard using the shortcut.

What Can I Find in the Help Guide?


  • This tab details keyboard shortcuts that will help you style and format elements of your card, including:

    • Text

    • Images, Videos, and other Media

    • Tables

    • Linking to Guru Cards and External Sites


  • Still prefer Markdown? No problem. On this tab are keyboard shortcuts you can use to format your text using the Markdown language utilized in our original Guru editor.


  • In this tab, you’ll find gifs and explanations for features in our content editor. A few new features include:

    • Slash Command: In the body of the Card, you can now type “/” and choose from one of the listed commands to format your text or add files, Guru cards, videos and more into your Card’s content.

    • Style Popover Menu: Once you highlight text, a menu will pop up over it with a host of styling options. Among these are bolding, italicizing, highlighting, changing text color, striking through, and inserting code. You can also add links, attach files, and link to other Guru Cards using the Style Popover.

    • Sidebar Menu: On the left side of the editor, you can format text or media by using the dropdown menu. This dropdown travels with you as you work your way down the Card, so the ability to editing or reformatting is always just a click away.