Accessing and Utilizing Edit History on Cards

Roles: Read Only, Authors

A Card's history will show you exactly what edits were made and allows you to compare the current version of the Card to previous versions. For Authors, this can make the verification process clearer and more thorough because you will be able to reference all iterations of the Card, even if the designated verifier is a Group.

How to Access Edit History

  1. Open the desired Card.

  2. Click the ellipsis on the left side of the Card.

  3. Select 'Revision History'

    1. If you would like to compare the current Card to its most recent form, you can click 'Compare to Latest'

    2. If you'd rather see all the edits made on a Card, select 'View Changes'.

      1. When viewing all changes to a Card, insertions are shown in green, while deletions are shown in red.