Importing Content into Guru using Spreadsheets

Roles: Authors, Admins

Easily import and organize your knowledge into Guru with our Spreadsheet tool by following the steps below. See here for more on Guru's migration options.

  1. Create a spreadsheet with the following 4 columns in the same order on the first sheet:
    • Title - required
    • Content - required
    • Boards - comma separated
    • Tags - comma separated

Please NOTE:

  • DO NOT include "#" in the tag name(s), as it is added automatically upon import
  • The exact order of the columns must be followed, click here for an example.
  • The spreadsheet can have NO ADDITIONAL COLUMNS besides the 4 required
  • A Card's content must live across 1 row in the spreadsheet. Do NOT merge cells or put content in multiple cells for 1 Title.
  • We only support .xlsx and .ods file formats.
  1. Go to the Team screen in the Guru web app (
  2. Click the Collections tab.
  3. Click the settings wheel in the top right of the Collection where you want to import the spreadsheet.
  4. Select Import Content and then Spreadsheet
    • You must be an Author in that Collection to import content.
  5. Click Select A Spreadsheet File, and choose the speadsheet to upload.
    • You will be notified via email once Guru completes the migration!