Defining Trust Status

Every Card has a trust status - an indication as to whether or not the content is up to date - that allows your team to know what content is safe to utilize (trusted) and what needs to be updated by a subject matter expert before moving forward. A Card's trust status allows your team to answer confidently because they know the content is up to date.
  • The three trust status symbols are as follows:
    Green = Trusted
    Purple = Stale
    Pink = Needs Verification
  • Click on this icon to see when a Card was last verified or why it needs verification. It's important to update unverified content quickly, particularly if it's frequently used. Without up to date content, your team adoption will suffer and users could go back to shoulder-tapping.
  • Authors can edit the verifier and the verification frequency by clicking on the trust symbol. To make the verification process easier, edit the timeline to reflect the appropriate frequency by which the Card's content will become stale and ensure that the verifier is the person or Group most prepared to update the content. Read more about editing verifier and verification timelines here.
  • If Cards are not updated by the end of their verification timeline, they become 'Stale'. If the verification timeline is one month or less, the trust status will indicate 'Needs Verification' after one week of being stale. If the timeline is more than one month, they will show 'Needs Verification' after they have been 'Stale' for a month. When editing a Card, its current trust status will be reflected in the color of the bar along the Card's top.
  • As verifiers edit or share their Cards, they are considered trusted and will not require explicit verification.