Defining Trust Status

Role: Admin, Author, Read-Only

Every Card has a trust status which indicates whether the content is up to date. This allows your team to know which content is safe to use and what needs to be updated by a subject matter expert before moving forward.

How do you see a Card's Trust Status?

Click on the trust status icon to see when a Card was last verified or why it needs verification— this is the symbol in the top left-hand corner of a Card.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 1.14.29 PM.png

The two trust status symbols are as follows:

  • Green = Trusted

  • Pink = Untrusted

NOTE: If Cards are not updated by the end of their verification timeline, they become 'Untrusted'. It's important to update untrusted content quickly, particularly if it's frequently used.

Who can choose / edit a Card's Verifier and Verification Timeline?

  • Authors can edit the verifier and the verification timeline by clicking on the trust symbol.

    • TIP: Choose your verification frequency based on how often the Card's content could become outdated. Is the content evergreen? Will it change every 6 months?

    • TIP: Ensure that the verifier is the person or Group most prepared to update the content.

    • Read more about editing verifier and verification timelines here.