Setting Up Slack Integration (Guru's Slack Bot)

Roles: Admins

Guru's Slack Bot allows you to search your Cards and capture knowledge from your chat conversations as Guru Cards. In addition, you can verify Cards, answer questions, receive notifications, set up activity feeds, and of course surface your content, all without leaving Slack!

In order to install the Guru bot, you must first create a Guru account. If you'd like to read through all of our Slack documentation prior to installing, you can find it here.

How to Enable the Guru Slack Bot

  1. From your Avatar on the top-right of the Web App, select Integrations

  2. Click ‘Connect’ next to the Slack option. This will take you to Slack to complete the setup.


  • When you click 'Add to Slack' and complete the steps, Guru is going to map your users by matching to their Slack email address. This way, everyone on your Guru Team will have access to the Guru bot.

  • If there are discrepancies, those users will not be mapped. When they go to use the bot for the first time you (the admin) will get a message allowing you to connect them to a Guru user.

  • If someone is not on the Guru team and uses the Guru bot for the first time, you (the admin) will receive a message inviting you to either add them to your team or deny their request.

  1. Meet Guru bot! Once the setup process is complete, Guru bot will introduce itself (or you can find it by searching @guru in your direct message options) and tell you what it can do. If you ever forget the appropriate command for what you want to do, just type "help" in your direct message with Guru and it will lay out all available actions. You can also invite the Guru bot to any channel by typing /invite @guru.