AI Suggest: Feature Descriptions

Roles: Admin, Author, Read-Only
Plans: Enterprise

Your team currently leverages Guru’s search functionality to find the knowledge they need to do their job wherever they’re working. Now, with AI Suggest, Guru will make suggestions of Cards based on what your team is working on. These Cards will help your team answer questions more quickly while providing better customer experiences. AI Suggest can be used by your entire team and will be most helpful and effective in the workflows of your Read-Only users.

The Guru Suggestion Button

When AI Suggest is enabled for your team, you’ll see the Guru Suggestion Button appear in your selected applications. Clicking on the Guru button will open the extension. The number present in the button is the number of Cards Guru is suggesting to help you solve the customer conversation at hand.

  • NOTE: If your team hasn’t downloaded the Guru extension, the Guru button and suggestions will not be present in your selected applications.

Improving Guru’s Suggestions

Guru improves suggestions as your team further utilizes the tool. If you see a suggestion that doesn’t help, you can use the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down response at the bottom of a suggested Card to provide feedback to Guru. . Most importantly, if Guru’s suggestions aren’t helpful, your team’s search for the right content will help Guru learn and of course get your team the right content.

Enabling AI Suggest for Your Team

If your team would find value in Guru’s AI Suggest feature and you’d like to learn more, reach out through the “Contact Us” button behind your avatar!

AI Suggest serves up the right knowledge to users when they need it, right inside the apps they use every day, eliminating the need to search all together. AI Suggest also improves over time as it understands an individual user’s patterns, an organization’s patterns, and the global community’s usage patterns, making every piece of knowledge served across Guru’s network more relevant and useful every day.