Reassigning Cards that have no Verifier


Verification is key to keeping your team’s knowledge trusted and up to date. If a Card is missing a Verifier, no one is being held responsible for making sure that information is accurate. Untrusted Cards with no assigned Verifier can lower your Trust Score and deteriorate your team’s confidence in your knowledge base.

Here’s the situation:

Over the course of your team’s Guru tenure, for one reason or another, a number of your team’s Cards have become Verifier-less. The top actions that result in Cards lacking Verifiers are:

  • User deleted: The verifying user is removed from the Guru team

  • Group deleted: The verifying group is removed from the Guru team

  • Empty group: The verifying group no longer has any users in it

  • Permissions downgrade: The verifying group lost access to the Collection
    This includes Collection access being downgraded to Read-Only and Collection access being removed (i.e. a group was deleted from a Collection, or a user was deleted from a group)

  • NOTE: If you've seen any Cards with "none" under Verifier, that should no longer happen.

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 10.31.17 AM.png

How we’re fixing it:

Now that we’ve identified the actions causing this issue, we are taking steps to make sure that they no longer result in deleting Verifiers. Moving forward, any of the above actions will trigger the affected Cards to be reassigned to the closest responsible party: Collection Owners or Top Verifier.

  • Collection Owners: If a Card missing a Verifier belongs to a Collection that has a Collection Owner group assigned, that Collection Owner group will become the new Verifier of that Card.

  • Top Verifier: If a Card missing a Verifier belongs to a Collection that does not have a Collection Owner group assigned, that Card will be reassigned to the top Verifier (individual) in that Collection.

FAQ: What about existing Cards with no verifiers? How are they reassigned?

To fix existing Cards without verifiers, we’re applying the same rules outlined above. If you were reassigned Cards that previously lacked Verifiers, you fall into one of these two buckets. You can tell which Cards were assigned to you personally as a top Verifier* compared to those that were assigned to a Collection Owner group you belong to based on who the Verifier is; you or a group.

*If you personally received a lot of Cards to verify, that means that you’re the Top Verifier in a Collection that has no Collection Owner. One more reason to make sure all of your Collections have Collection Owners!

FAQ: What if I don’t want to be the Verifier on these existing Cards?

Not to worry, if there is someone else on your team who is better suited to be the Verifier of a Card that has been reassigned to you or a group you belong to, you can use the Card Manager to bulk reassign those Cards to the appropriate users on your team.

We also recommend reviewing these Cards and archiving them if they're no longer relevant. Clean knowledge is the best knowledge!

Still need help? We're here for you! 🤓

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