Manage Guru users and groups with SCIM provisioning

Roles: Admin
Plans: Team, Corporate, Enterprise

Guru supports automatic user provisioning with SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management). SCIM provisioning is available to Guru teams on the Pro, Team, Corporate, or Enterprise plans. To setup SCIM provisioning, your team will need to first have Single Sign On setup (SSO).

What does SCIM do and why is it useful?

With SCIM automatic provisioning enabled, Guru Admins no longer need to manually create users or maintain user groups inside of Guru. All team maintenance, including adding, removing, and assigning users to groups will occur inside the identity provider, not in Guru. This makes it much easier for large teams to manage their users and groups in one place.

Setting up SCIM provisioning

Admin's can setup SCIM auto provisioning inside their team's Single Sign-On settings on the Integrations page.
Once Single Sign-On is configured, the SCIM setup can be toggled ON, with the option to sync only users or users and groups.
Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 11.44.26 AM.png

The SCIM provisioning setup varies depending on the identity provider (IDP) your team uses. For detailed instructions on how to setup SCIM for your specific IDP, please reach out to Guru at Guru is featured as a member of the Okta network, but this functionality works for any IDP that supports SCIM 2.0. Here is a list of IDPs we've worked with in the past (however we are not limited to this list):

  • ADFS

  • Okta

  • OneLogin

  • PingOne

  • Centrify

  • JumpCloud

NOTE: Guru currently does not support SCIM through Office 365. We only support SSO through Google and standard SAML using a third party identity provider.

What to expect after SCIM is enabled

SCIM provisioning allows Admins to manage Guru team members more efficiently. Upon enabling SCIM auto provisioning:

  • Any users or groups that pre-existed in Guru that DO NOT match users or groups in your SCIM IDP will remain in Guru and are editable/removable

  • Users, groups, and group assignments from your IDP will come in to Guru immediately

    • Any users, groups, and group assignments with pre-existing exact matches in Guru will be merged, and once merged these become uneditable in Guru

  • Admins will be able to distinguish SCIM users/groups from Guru users/groups via this Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 11.35.17 AM.pngsyncing symbol

  • Any Cards that are unassigned due to removal of a user or group can be re-assigned in the Card Manager

  • With SCIM enabled Admins will NOT be able to:

    • Create users or groups from within Guru

    • Add users to synced groups from within Guru

NOTE: Members added through SCIM are billable as soon as they sign in for the first time. The cost of new member accounts will be prorated for the remainder of your current billing period.