February 2020 Release Notes

What’s new in Guru…

Published: March 2, 2020

Tagging Synced Content

In addition to verifying Synced Collections, users can now add tags to Synced Cards. Adding tags to Synced Cards will help your team organize and search for Synced Cards more efficiently.

Ticket Linking

Users can link Cards to tickets in LivePerson and Zendesk. With Ticket Linking, users can affirmatively link a Card to a ticket, indicating that the Card was used to solve the ticket.

  • Learn how to enable Ticket Linking for your Guru instance ⚡️

  • With Ticket Linking, Admins can gain better insight into content gaps in their knowledge base. 🧠

  • This feature is available for users on our Expert and Enterprise plans 🌻

    • Reach out to support@getguru.com to discuss changing your plan.

Search Enhancements

Search enhancements will help your team find the Cards you need more easily. 🔎

  • Recent Searches makes it easier for users to quickly repeat successful searches 🏆

  • Top Title Matches highlights Card titles with the same phrase that a user searches 📚

  • Want to learn more? Check out our article on Guru's search definition


Card Enhancements

Card enhancements from this month will help users format and navigate Cards more easily. 🚀

  • Users can adjust the width of any iFrame by dragging and dropping the gray bar next to it 🤓

  • Users can click on any tag on a Card and view all of the Cards with that same tag 🏷

Still need help? We're here for you! 🤓

If you have any questions about Guru, please contact Guru Support by clicking "Chat with Us!" under 'Team Settings' in Guru or by sending an email to support@getguru.com 🧠