How to embed a private video from Google Drive

Roles: Authors, Collection Owners

  1. Open the video in Drive.

  2. Click the ellipses in the upper right hand corner.

  3. Select "Embed item" from the drop down menu. (If this option isn't available, click "Open in New Window", and you should see the embed option in the drop down menu of the new window.)

  4. Copy the HTML code.

  5. In the Guru Card you'd like to embed the video, click the "Markdown" icon (box with a pen) in the editing bar.

  6. Paste the copied HTML code into the Markdown box

  7. Click "Preview" to ensure the video has embedded.

NOTE: Only users who have permission to view the video in Google Drive will be able to view the video in the Guru Card. Any other user will see a page where they can request access to view the video from the owner.