Creating Groups

Roles: Admins

Creating Groups allows you organize team members, so that you can control member access privileges and segment experts on your team as content verifiers. Groups also allow the team to easily ask questions, select verifiers, and @mention the specific people they need.


Starter Plans have a default "All Members" and "Experts" Group, but cannot create new Groups. Reach out to for information on changing your plan to the Builder, Expert, or Enterprise edition.

How to Create Groups

  1. Navigate to the "Team Settings" page within the Avatar on the upper-right hand corner of the Web App.

  2. Select the "Users & Collections" tab in the left sidebar

  3. Click the 'Groups' Tab and 'Create A Group'

  4. Title the Group.

  5. Click 'Save Changes'

  6. Click the name of the newly saved Group, and then type the name(s) of the users you'd like to add to the Group, and press enter.

    1. NOTE: You can add multiple users at once. Groups confer Role, with users assuming highest permissioning of the Groups they are in within a Collection.

  7. Once you're done adding users to the Group, click 'Add to Group'. This action creates the Group.

  8. Go to the Collections tab to add the Group to Collections and ensure they can access the Content they need.

  9. Click into the Collection you would like the Group to access and search for that Group.

  10. Select 'Allow Access' and click the arrow to determine their role in the Collection.


Roles can be determined on a Collection by Collection basis and should reflect the expertise of the Group. For example, in the Support Collection the "Support Managers" could be Authors, but they could also be Read Only users in the "Product FAQs" Collection.

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