Enabling a Custom Domain for Content Performance

Roles: Admins, Authors

With Custom Domain set up for Content Performance, the files and assets that you send to external stakeholders will have a link with your company name in it. This feature requires a bit of lifting by our engineers on our side, so please reach out to our Customer Experience team with the information required below.

The Custom Domain Process:

  1. Reach out to us with a domain name that you control, ie. assets.xyzcorp.com

  2. Our engineering team will produce two records that your IT team will need to put into your DNS. One record will be used to validate an SSL certification that we will generate for your domain. The second will be to forward traffic from your domain to Guru's servers.

  3. Let us know when your records have been added

  4. Our team will verify that the DNS records are setup correctly and will finish the setup. After this time, all Content Performance links will use your team's domain!