Salesforce Sales Cloud: Component for Salesforce Opportunities

Roles: Authors, Admins
Edition: Team, Enterprise

Guru's Content Performance feature provides visibility into how your prospects are engaging with the content your team is sending them. With Guru’s Component for Salesforce Opportunities, you can easily coach your reps on the most effective content to send without having to do so manually! Guru's Component for Salesforce Opportunities can be installed through the Salesforce AppExchange here.

What is Guru's Component for Salesforce Opportunities?

Feature Overview:

With Guru's Component for Salesforce Opportunities installed, when viewing the Details section of an Opportunity in Salesforce, Guru will display recommended Cards that have been historically successful for other users on your team when sent to prospects at this stage. Your team will have access to situational content right from the Opportunity record - no need to search.

How are Cards recommended?

In order for a Card to show up as recommended it must have been:

  • Sent and tracked via Guru at least once previously at the same Stage of the Opportunity the user is viewing

  • Sent more than three times OR be a New Card

    • NOTE: Cards that have been created within the last 14 days and sent at least once will display a New label.

How are Cards Ranked?

Ranking is determined by the ratio of the number of times a Card has been sent (using a tracked content link) to the number of times a Card has been clicked.

Example: If a Card has been sent out via a tracked link 30 times and clicked 15 times, the ratio is 30:15. A Card with a ratio of 30:21 would be ranked higher than a Card with ratio 30:15.

How to Set Up the Guru Component for Salesforce Opportunities

The Guru Component is installed through Salesforce. You can visit the Salesforce AppExchange here and search for "Guru Knowledge Network" to find the Guru Component download instructions.

NOTE: You must be a Salesforce Admin in order to install this integration.

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