Drafts Overview

Roles: Authors

Not quite ready to publish just yet? Save that Card as a draft to work on another day!⚡️

Guru users can draft content and wait to publish until the time is right. Whether you want to work on a Card intermittently or prep for a big launch, you can now start and stop editing on your time. We’ve made it easy to make edits to new and existing Cards without worrying about losing your content.

To Save a Card as a Draft

  1. When creating a new Card or editing an existing Card, Navigate to the bottom left corner of the Card Editor and select Save Draft.

  1. The following page will confirm when this draft has been saved.

To Save a Card as a Draft in Slack

  1. As you are creating a Card in Slack you will be prompted to Save a Card as a Draft before publishing.


  1. You can continue working on your saved Draft from our Web App under the My Tasks > Drafts menu.

Ready to publish? Follow these instructions to Recover a Card Draft


Can multiple people work on a draft at the same time?

At this time, it is not possible for multiple users to collaboratively edit the same Card at the same time. For those who are looking for this functionality - we hear you! This is something on our roadmap for future improvements of this feature.

Can I edit Cards that are already published?

Absolutely! You can save improvements to any Cards that you have Author access to as a draft. The rest of your team will view the previous version until you publish your updates.

Will the Tags and Verifiers I add to a Card be saved with my draft?

Drafts will only save Card content and the Collection you assign, so when a user creates a draft, Boards, Tags and Verifier selections will not be saved to the Card. Any new Tags or Boards created will still exist, but they won't be associated with the drafted Card.

Are others able to view my drafts?

No, only the creator of the Card has access to the Cards they’ve authored on the Drafts page.

Can I save a Card as a draft via the extension?

Yes! When creating a Card from the extension you will have the opportunity to save as a draft. To recover the draft, you can either open it in the extension or navigate to the Drafts tab under My Tasks on the Web App.

Can't get enough of drafts? Check out what's next on our Roadmap 🚙

  • The chance for multiple users to collaborate on edits of the same draft.

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