Quick Start Guide for Admins

We're hopeful you'll find this quick guide helpful in outlining the key features to assist you as you kick off your use of Guru! Each feature mentioned below includes a link to access more detailed descriptions and instructions. Check them out:

  • Guru Glossary | Quick guide to all things Guru

  • Guru Web App | The Guru Web App is your one-stop site to view your team's content, assess analytics, handle billing, and invite and structure your team's users.

  • Content Migration | Migrate your existing content from several different sources into your Guru knowledge base to recognize immediate adoption and value.

  • Knowledge Sync: Overview | Sync content from external sources where your team is already working, such as Zendesk, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

  • Collections | How to segment your Guru account in support of cross-departmental access and use.

  • Extension | The browser extension allows you and your team to access Guru as an overlay of your work, so you can easily create content based on what you're working on or reference resources all without leaving your workflow.

  • Analytics | Assess your entire team's usage and gain insights on specific users and the content their leveraging via Guru Analytics.

  • Invite Users | Invite new users, manage your users and the Collections they can access + what role they will play per Collection

  • Manage Groups | Make the verification process simpler and organize your users with a scalable team structure in Guru via Groups.

  • Defining Roles | Determine the role (Author or Read-Only access) each Group and the individual users within a Group will play per Collection

  • Mobile | It’s easier than ever to grab your knowledge on the go with Guru’s mobile application.

  • Payment & Billing | Upgrade (subscribe) to Guru or update your team's billing information on Guru's Billing Page, which can be found under your avatar in the web app.