Why can't I find a Card in my Collection?

Roles: Author, Admin

Don't fret! If a Card doesn't belong to a Board, you won't be able to see it in the Web App Collection View. It will still be searchable in Guru.

In the Collections view in the Knowledge screen of the Web App, you will first see the Board Groups/Boards in the Collection. Then, when you click in to view a Board, you will see Sections/Cards. As you may notice, some Cards are not on Boards in the Collection. These Cards are still as searchable as Cards on Boards. To find these Cards:

  • In the Web App:

    • Navigate to Card Manager (if you are an Author)

    • Use the Collection filter to surface all Cards in a certain Collection

  • In the Extension:

    • Type '!Collection_Name' to filter search results by Collection

    • This works like a Tag, except at the Collection level, and will surface all Cards in that Collection

NOTE: The Knowledge screen in the Web App is meant to browse topics and sub-topics in Board Groups, Boards, and Sections. When creating Cards, we recommend assigning it to a Board so you can easily find it in the Web App view.