Changing your Extension View

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Admins

The extension docking icon enables you to move Guru’s browser extension from side to side in your browser, ensuring you can search in the most convenient location possible.

How to move your browser extension

  • Make sure you have the Guru extension installed and up to date

  1. Click on the icon in your browser toolbar to open the Guru extension. By default, it will open on the right side of your screen and display the name of your Guru team.

  2. Click the docking icon (to the right of your Team name) on the top right of the search bar to move it to the left side of your screen.


  • The icon shows you to which side you’ve toggled. To change the view again, click the same icon to return the extension to the other side.

  • Once you move the extension to the other side, Guru will remember that action and what domain it was taken on, and will open the extension on the toggled side the next time you open the extension on that domain.

4. To close the Guru extension, you can either click the again or click the ‘X’ in the top right corner.