July 2017 Release Note

What has been released...

Updates to the Guru app for Slack

The Guru app for Slack has been upgraded! You can now select the verifier, verification timeline, Boards, and Tags for a Card when you create it in Slack, as well as create new Boards and Tags - all without leaving Slack!

Enhanced Card Creation

There's a new workflow for using the Guru Slack integration to create a Card in Slack. Now, the app will prompt you to select a verifier and verification timeline for a Card, and the Boards and Tags with which you'd like to organize your Card. This means there's no need navigate away to the web app to organize your Slack-created content! Learn the details of creating Cards in Slack here.

Creating Boards and Tags

Because we understand your team is spending more and more time in Slack, we want to ensure you can apply your Guru structure there, as well. We've added the ability to create a new Board or Tag directly in Slack. In your DM with Guru, type create board or create tag. If you're in a public channel to which the Guru bot has been invited, type @guru create board or @guru create tag. From there, the Guru bot will walk you through the steps!

Please reach out with any questions or feedback you have by clicking 'Contact Us' in the settings menu (your avatar) of the Guru Extension!

Released: 7/2017