October 2017 Release Note

What has been released...

Updates to Tags

Until now, Tags were tied to a specific Collection -- this meant that finding content on the same topics, but from different Collections, required searching with different Tags. Moving forward, all Tags can be leveraged across all Collections, so your team only needs to know one tagging system to surface all of the knowledge they need to do their jobs. With this update, we've also made enhancements to the Tag Manager and created a system for merging Tags to further improve your experience. As a note, Categories span across Collections, as well.

Merge Tags

Given that Tags are now universal, you might have Tags of the same name in numerous Collections. To provide you the simplest means of unifying the Tags across your account, we've added a Merge Tags function to the Tag Manager, allowing you to easily combine Tags that are duplicates or of similar meaning. As a note, Tags with duplicates have their former Collection in brackets:

To ensure the process follows your team's current permissions, Authors can only merge Tags that appear on Cards to which they have access, and Admins can merge any Tags. To find out how to merge Tags, click here.

Updates to Tag Manager

With this release comes changes to the Tag Manager UI. The screen is bisected; Categories are on the left and can now be scrolled independently of the rest of the page for quicker dragging and organization. Uncategorized Tags are on the right side of the screen. Certain icons have been updated to better reflect their function (Add Tag/Merge Tag), and the Tag Settings window displays more extensive information about the selected Tag and the Cards with which it is associated.

Released: 10/2017