Editing, Deleting, and Creating Tags

Roles: Authors

Tags provide your team with flexibility in organizing content; you can add, edit, and remove Tags as you acquire knowledge and adjust your strategy. Learn how Authors can use the Tag Manager below!

How to use Tag Manager

  • Navigate to the web app (app.getguru.com) and select Tags under your avatar in the top right corner. Here you will see all the Tags in your team's Guru account.

Creating a Tag:

  1. Input the name of your Tag in the "Add a Tag" field and press Enter.

  2. Repeat these steps until you've created all the Tags you want.

Editing/Deleting a Tag:

  1. Click on the Tag you wish to edit.

  2. A window entitled Tag Settings will appear on the right side. Here you can change a Tag's name as well as assign it to a Category, if you wish.

    1. If you'd like to delete the Tag entirely, you can press Delete Tag at the bottom of Tag Settings.

  3. When you're done editing, click Save Changes.

    1. By Editing a Tag, the edited Tag name will automatically adjust on each and every Card the Tag previously appeared on.

Merging a Tag:

If your team has duplicate Tags, or Tags of similar meaning that you'd like to merge, you can do so in the Tag Manager. Click here for instructions.

Also see: Adding a Tag to a Card