Editing Boards (Including Making Sections and Board Groups)

Roles: Authors

Build out and refine the architecture of your knowledge in Guru by editing Boards

How to Edit Boards

  1. In the web app (app.getguru.com), select 'Knowledge' from the top navigation bar and choose the Collection in which the Board you want to edit exists.

  2. Select the Board you would like to edit.

    1. If the Board you would like to edit is in a Board Group, first select the Board Group, and then find and click the appropriate Board.

  3. Click the pencil icon next to the Board's name to edit it.

    1. Edit the Board's title or description by clicking on the respective text boxes.

    2. Add additional Cards to the Board by clicking 'Add Existing Cards' and searching in the right column. Then, drag over the Cards you would like to add. We generally recommend that Boards have no more than 50 Cards as that makes it easier for your team to scan and utilize them.

    3. Add a net new Card to Guru and the Board by clicking on 'Create New Card'.

    4. Drag the Cards and Sections to change the order of Cards on the Board. This can be especially helpful when onboarding new employees because you can order the content as you would like them to go through it.

    5. If you decide to delete the Board, the Cards contained within the Board will not be deleted. Once a Board is confirmed to be deleted, it cannot be recovered. To delete, click the pencil icon to edit, then select the trash can icon and confirm the action.

  4. Remember to click 'Save' throughout your editing to preserve the changes you make! Boards do not auto-save.

How to Make Sections

  1. When editing a Board, click the 'Create New Section' button. Sections allow you to visually divide your content within a Board.

  2. Enter a title for the Section and press enter or select the check mark.

  3. Add Cards to the section by dragging Cards either from the Board.

    1. The Cards will not be added to the Section until the blue position indicator line appears.

How to Make a Board Group

  1. From the Collection view, simply drag a Board into another Board (like you would with apps on your mobile device) and it will create a Board Group that you can name, describe, and add Boards to.

  • Board Groups allow you to group Boards, so that you can easily organize content and keep your Boards at a manageable size.