Publishing a Collection

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Want to make some of your Guru content publicly accessible? By creating a published site containing one or more Collections of your team's knowledge, you can provide your users a simple way to access product information as well as allow your team to update and maintain internal and external information in one place: Guru! For an example of a published collection, visit Follow the steps below to create your own public, Guru-powered website.

How to Publish a Collection

1. Contact the Guru team (select 'Chat with us!' under your avatar in your browser extension or Web App) to indicate that you'd like to create a published site. Please specify which Collection you'd like published. Published sites must comprise an entire Collection, and File Access must be selected for the Cards in that Collection.

2. Once you receive confirmation from the Guru team, navigate to your avatar and click Team Settings, then select the "Users & Collections" tab in the left sidebar. Then click on the Collections tab at the top of the page.

3. Click the gear icon accompanying the Collection you intend to publish, and select 'Publish Settings' from the drop-down menu.

  • As a note, you must have at least one Board in the Collection to successfully initiate the publishing set up process.

4. Enter your preferred Site ID and click 'Next'. Guru will publish your site to (until your DNS records are adjusted to your Host Name, which you will specify in the next step), where XXXXXX is a unique identifier that is randomly-generated to ensure your site doesn't conflict with other sites. Site IDs should contain lowercase letters, with no spaces or special characters. We recommend a simple, clear description of the site you intend to publish, such as 'helpcenter' or 'resources'.

5. On the following page, you'll specify how you'd like to customize your published site. To read more about each field, mouse over the question mark icon to the right of the field.

  • If you'd like to use HTML to customize your site further, you can do so in the 'Header' and 'Footer' fields. You do not need to include the <header /> or <footer /> tags.

6. Next, choose the color scheme for your site. To do this, select the Main, Secondary, and Header Text colors you'd prefer. If you want to use a specific company color, enter the Hex Code in the field at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

7. Input the display name and links for navigation links on your site. To add more, click 'Add Link'. To remove one or more, click the X located to the right of the URL.

8. Review the fields and ensure what you've inputted adheres to the requirements outlined in the tool tips. Click 'Publish'. You should see a message indicating that the 30-minute publishing process is underway. You will receive an email upon its completion.

9. Your confirmation email will contain a link to view your published site!

  • Contact your DNS provider to configure a CNAME record, pointing your published Site ID to your designated Host Name. Once this is completed, your users will be able to type your chosen Host Name into the search bar to view your site!

  • Your published site will mirror the structure of your Collection. Thus, if you have created Board Groups, they will be the first tier of information displayed on your site.

  • Now, when you want to update product details or pricing specifics on your published site, simply navigate to the corresponding Card in your Guru account and make the change. Then, click 'Update' in that Collection's Publish Settings.