Utilizing Context

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Admins

Context allows you to automatically suggest the right information for your team where they’re working. As a browser extension, Context can surface information on most apps, pages, or systems that your team utilizes.

How to Use Context

  • Context suggests information based on the fields on a page, so it can help your team regardless of where they're working. Learn how to set up Context here.

  • Support teams generally utilize Context to surface answers and workflows for their team based on the tags and fields on a ticket. You can also set it up with your external help center, so that as your reps review the applicable internal information is suggested to them.

  • Sales teams primarily utilize Guru to suggest next steps and sales assets for teams, so that they can leverage appropriate content dependent on the status, industry, and other factors of the deal.

  • Marketing teams utilize Context to encourage Sales reps to leverage compelling assets dependent on the nature of deal.