Searching Guru in Slack

Roles: Read Only, Author, Admin

Slack and Guru are better together; you can bring Guru's knowledge into real time Slack conversations with your team. Learn how to search your Guru account while in Slack to post new knowledge, answer questions, and drive adoption for your team.

How to Search Guru in Slack

There are two easy ways to search Guru in Slack.

One: Slash Command

  • These search results are only visible to you until you choose 'Post this to Channel'.

  • This search can be performed in any channel.

Two: @mention

  • The Guru Bot must be invited to the Slack Channel in order to perform a search.

  • Only items in the general Collection that's visible to all members will be published for the team to see.

  • Remind your team to search in Guru before asking questions! Also, Guru has a Slack reaction to answer specific questions. Learn how to use it here.