Embedding docs, videos, and iframes in Cards

Roles: Authors

Insert videos, files, webpages, iframes and more directly in your Guru Cards. This can be helpful when referencing training videos, spreadsheets, presentations, files and external FAQs. iframes ensure that your team can easily digest the information from the Card and it automatically updates as you make changes to the original file.

Note: Embedded information is not queried when searching, so all content needed frequently by your team should be included directly in Guru. Only web-based files can be embedded into Guru Cards; click here to learn about how to upload local files to Cards.

How to Embed iFrames from Google Docs or Sheets

  1. On the file you want to embed, click File and `Publish to the web`. On the resulting modal, click the 'Embed' tab and select Publish .

  2. Confirm the action and copy the highlighted embed code.

  3. Select the iframe icon from the main menu bar when editing your Card.

  4. Enter the embed code from the file.

  5. Click the check mark after entering and view your embedded iframe!

  6. Provide background for your team on how they should utilize the embedded file and save the Card. As a note, these updates to the original file generally take a few minutes to show up in the embedded version on the Card.


  • You can also embed a video by selecting ‘video’ after entering the Slash Command in the body of a Card, such as below:

5. If you’d like to edit the iframe, access ‘iframe options’ by clicking the carrot in the top-left of your embedded iframe. You can also adjust the height of the iframe by clicking the iframe and then dragging the shaded bar at the bottom of the Iframe up or down. Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 11.20.41 AM.png

How to embed an iFrame from Google Slides:

  1. Click 'File' and then 'Publish to the Web'

  2. Click 'Embed'. Copy the entire Embed field.

  3. Paste that directly into a new line on a Guru card. The presentation will appear.

  4. Drag the shaded bar at the bottom of the card to adjust its size.


How to embed a private video from Google Drive:

  1. Open the video in Drive.

  2. Click the ellipses in the upper right hand corner.

  3. Select "Embed item" from the drop down menu. (If this option isn't available, click "Open in New Window", and you should see the embed option in the drop down menu of the new window.)

  4. Copy the HTML code.

  5. In the Guru Card you'd like to embed the video, click the "Markdown" icon (box with a pen) in the editing bar.

  6. Paste the copied HTML code into the Markdown box

  7. Click "Preview" to ensure the video has embedded.