Archiving and Deleting Cards

Roles: Authors, Admins

Sometimes information is no longer applicable or needed in Guru. Archiving a card will remove it from regular search, but it retains the ability to be restored. Permanently deleting a card will remove it from Guru completely.

How to Archive a Card

  1. Open the card you wish to archive. Cards that are redundant should be archived so that there is no confusion over what content your team should be using!

  2. Click the ellipsis on the left side of the card.

  3. Select 'Archive' and click to confirm the action. Once a Card is archived it no longer appears in search results and if it is included in Knowledge Triggers or Pins it will display archived at the top.

  • If you'd like to archive multiple Cards at once, you can do so in the Card Manager, learn about bulk actions here.

How to Unarchive a Card

  1. Go to the Guru web app ( and select "Card Manager" in the top navigation bar.

  2. Select the Archive tab next to Cards and Questions.

  • You can see who archived a Card and when it was done by clicking the Displayed Attributes icon, then selecting 'Last Modified By' and 'Last Modified'.

  1. Select the Card(s) you want to unarchive by clicking in the checkbox(es) to the left of the Card title.

  2. Restore the Card(s) by selecting the Unarchive icon in the top bar, located next to the trash can icon:

  • If the unarchived Cards were previously on a Board, they will reappear there.

How to Permanently Delete a Card

  • The Admin and Author roles are required to permanently delete Cards.

  1. In Card Manager, select the Archived tab next to Cards and Questions.

  2. Select the Card(s) you wish to permanently delete.

  3. Click the Trash Can icon in the top bar.

  4. Confirm your action to permanently delete the Card(s) from Guru.