Searching with Tags and Categories

Roles: Read Only, Author, Admin

Need a fast and granular way to find topics of knowledge in Guru that goes beyond just keywords? Search with Tags— the quickest way to search for content in Guru.

How to Search with Tags

  1. In the extension or web app (, enter your cursor into the search bar.

  2. Type # and begin typing your Tag. Guru will surface Tag suggestions as you type.

    1. TIP: If you know in which Collection the information you're looking for should be, you can refine your search from the get-go by entering ! and the Collection name, followed by # and the Tag name or search terms. (i.e !Sales and #casestudy)

  3. When the Tag you want is selected (denoted with a blue overlay), press enter to search with it. You can search for multiple Tags at once by repeating the steps.

    1. TIP: To further refine your search, you can type additional descriptive search terms after pressing enter on the Tag. Focusing on this filtering experience and the combination of keywords will help you ensure that the first search result is the right one.

Looking to further organize your Tags? Check out Categories.

  • A Category is a group of Tags. It can also act as an important identifier if you have Tags of the same name that apply to different areas. Read more about uses for Categories here.