Answering Questions in Slack

Roles: Authors

Were you asked a question in Slack and want to catalog your answer for the rest of the team? Guru App for Slack can help you do just that.

How To Answer Questions in Slack

1. Search for the answer in Guru using an existing Card:

Recommended Method:

  1. Using Slack Actions, answer a teammate’s question directly in Slack. the upper-right hand corner of a Slack message, click the three ellipses to open a dropdown selector with “More actions.”

  2. Select “Answer with Card” to search for the correct response within Guru

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 5.40.33 PM.png

Alternative Method:

  1. React to a posed question with the heavy red question mark ()

  2. Select the most relevant Card that Guru surfaced to answer the question by selecting Answer with Card. Guru Bot will then post your selected Card as a response to the posed question in the original Channel.

NOTE: Don't see the Card you were looking for in the first list of Cards Guru surfaces? Refine your search by selecting 'Search' in Guru's post and type in more keywords. The Guru Slack integration will then produce another list of Card results. This process of refined searching can continue until you find the right Card for your answer.

2. Create a New Card

If you can't find a relevant Card from your refined searches and want to write a new answer, select 'Create Card'. Follow these steps here to create new Card in Slack.