Favoriting a Card and How to Access your Favorites

Roles: Read Only, Authors, Admins

Favoriting in Guru allows you to access your most useful Cards quickly, and you can filter for your Favorites to easily find them.

How to Favorite a Card

  1. Open the desired Card.

  2. Click the heart icon in the left side of the Card.

    1. You can unfavorite the Card at any time by clicking the heart icon again.

How to Filter for your Favorites

In the Extension:

  1. In the Cards view, click on 'Recently Viewed Cards' located under the Search bar.

  1. Select 'My Favorites' from the options.

In the Web App:

  1. Open the web app (app.getguru.com) and click the 'G' icon on the top navigation bar.

  2. Under the display of Total Cards, click 'Favorites'.