Linking Cards to Cards

Roles: Author

Supplementary or related information often exists on another Guru Card, but creating and verifying duplicate content forces you to verify multiple Cards and could confuse your team. You may also want to lay out numerous steps in a process using multiple Cards. Linking between Cards is the answer!

How to Link Between Cards: 2 Methods

Method 1

  1. Highlight the content that you’d like to hyperlink to a different Guru Card.
  2. In the styling popover, select the Guru ‘G’.
  3. Enter search terms for the Card to which you’d like to link within the resulting search bar.
    1. You can link to Cards across your Team's Collections, but only users who have access will be able to access that knowledge. If someone on your team who does not have access to the Card clicks the link they will see a message indicating that they do not have access to that Card.
  4. Select the appropriate Card.
5. You have successfully linked to a Guru Card! The hyperlink is now green, indicated a link to a Guru Card. Now you don't have duplicate content and your team can easily find related Cards, encourage them to click the link to access the related content.

Method 2

  1. Copy the link of the Card you would like to include. To do this, click the Copy Link to Card icon.
  2. The copied link can be hyperlinked using the Markdown tools available when editing Cards. Highlight the text you'd like to hyperlink and click the Insert Link icon from the Markdown helper bar at the top of each Card (under the Card's title). Then, paste the copied link into the designated gray area.
    1. There is no need to use anchor links in Guru. Anchoring represents a Card that's very long, and therefore difficult to consume for your team. Try to keep Cards in bite-sized pieces at 1000 words or less, and link related Cards together!
  3. You've set up a Link between Cards! Access the linked Card by clicking the blue hyperlink.
Another great way to make connections in your content is to use the same Tag on a wide variety of Cards. Discover more on utilizing Tags here.